About Milk and Shadows

Milk and shadows: the things my 12 week-old son loves the most. He loves watching shadows flitting across the walls and ceiling; he loves watching lights flash before his eyes. And then there’s milk: the milk he drinks dreamily, or guzzles greedily, or occasionally lets spill out of his mouth (we call this overspill).

Being a first time mum in her late 30s was a little bit of a shock to the system: all those years of ‘freedom’ and doing adult things.

So I wanted to write a blog. A celebration of life. All that dreamy stuff you read about or see in films (WARNING: NOTHING you see in the movies is true. Particularly when it comes to childbirth and labour). I wanted to write about the amazing support I’m getting from a local group of mums just like me. And, most importantly, I wanted to debunk a few myths. Tell a few truths. Because becoming a mum may feel like you’ve joined a bit of a secret society: when you tell people what you’ve just experienced, they come out with a raised eyebrow and a ‘well, that happened to me/a friend of mine’…but I don’t think it should be like that. I think we should break the silence. Pass on our knowledge to those who may want kids in the future. Talk about strange sounding words like ‘lochia’ and ‘postpartum’ (for some reason, that word makes me squirm. It’s so clinical-sounding).

For that reason, all hail to the milk and shadows and the way my 12 week-old son is changing and developing every day. Here’s something we didn’t expect: even a very tiny baby’s development is fascinating. Can I take this opportunity to recommend a really excellent book: Your Baby Week by Week (apart from the highly controversial chapter on controlled crying which I ignored).


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